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2nd Grade Creative Writing – Abby Baggett 3rd
2nd Grade Storytelling – Emma Hughes 2nd and Zoey Greenwood 4th
4th Grade Spelling – Carter Harris 5th
4th Grade Number Sense – Joshua Camacho 1st and Karlee Mitchell 6th (Team 3rd)
4th Grade Oral Reading – Cooper Thompson 1st and Caydon Coleman 6th

Thank you to all students and staff who work so hard on these events!
 Pre-K through 4th grade students at Hooks Elementary School really have Hornet Pride! Just look at that sea of blue and white. This video is our entry into the Macy’s Department Stores Back to School Lip Dub Challenge. This challenge was a great way for our students and staff to showcase just how much we love our school and our community.

The Macy’s judges will go through entries from elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges from the entire United States, DC, Puerto Rico and Guam. On the line is a chance to win $25,000. However, even if we do not win, this was an awesome experience for everyone involved. Organizing three hundred elementary students may seem like an impossible task, but not at our elementary school! We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed participating!

Special thanks to Classroom Technology Specialist Kirby Fowler for coordinating the grant submission!

 2013-2014 Elementary 
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